Unit 7 Bartlett Summer Show 2012


The Bartlett Summer Show is now open to the public until 30 June 2012. www.bartlett.ucl.ac.uk/architecture

The Red Peg Board system offers different diameter holes that are CNC routed providing pre-determined locations for stainless steel dowels to

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support the exhibits. The finished panels are treated with water-based mdf primer and natural beeswax which intensifies the depth of natural red colour and provides a natural sheen to the surface.

The Chevrons are designed as a standardised component that can be stacked and connected in alternative arrangements according to the limitations of the space. There are three standard heights allowing for the complex scale of models and made works to be exhibited. The Chevrons

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are hand-sanded and unfinished to show Valchromat in its ‘raw’ matt condition, emphasising the edge quality and precision cut of the CNC Routing.

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